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Corporate/ Business Insurance

Purchasing Corporate Health Insurance.

Corporate plans are plans created by insurers that are marketed to large organisations. You are entitled to these plans regardless of whether or not you are a member of the group to whom it is being marketed. In some cases, these plans may offer better value than those plans marketed towards individuals. An insurer cannot refuse to sell you any plan you request.

Corporate plans are sometimes confused with the group discount, which is a discretionary discount of up to 10%, which an insurer may give to a group of persons.


How Moneysave can help

As part of Moneysave we deal with a fresh approach to the health insurance market in Ireland. Health insurance is no longer about just being there if you get sick. At Moneysave we provide access to hospital treatment and an easy claims experience is core to what we do but we know that our role as a health insurer starts long before a hospital visit.

Our vision is to help people live healthier lives. That’s why we develop market leading, pro-active health benefits, as well as insight led wellness programmes as standard.

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